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From the past to the present, one of the best investment tools is to own immovable property…
The market values of the construction and real estate sector are increasing every year, which makes it very common to invest in real estate.
Housing prices are very affordable when compared to other countries, and it is one of the best addresses for investment, as the return on purchase is high.
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, is also one of the most preferred holiday destinations with its location, climate, nature and social life.
As Arslan Real Estates, we are here to make the right investment for you…


The convenience of the real estate market in the TRNC is one of the most striking features of this place.
Knowing the “AMORTISE TIME” in how long the budget you invest in real estate will return to you plays a big role in the value of your investment. Considering many countries, amortization periods vary between 16-25 years on average.
Considering the rental income in Northern Cyprus, this period is 8-12 years. It is also possible that the duration will decrease if the real estate market rises further.

Living in Northern Cyprus?

Living in Northern Cyprus, which is a holiday region, is always like being on vacation.
There are too many social living areas. With activities where you can be alone with nature, 5-star public hotels, cafes and the sea, Northern Cyprus is one of the places that will be good for your soul.
Living in Northern Cyprus, where students can study at world-class universities and experience many different cultures, is also very enjoyable for university students.
While it is possible to find a suitable house for every need; A living space has been created here for those who love the humble life, those who are fond of comfort and all those who love the luxury life.
Arslan Estate expands its portfolio every day to meet all your needs and offers the most innovative investments to you after making price-performance comparison and filtering.

Trust in Cyprus?

Considering the world crime rates, Cyprus is one of the countries with the lowest crime rate. This gives people a different source of confidence to live here.

Required Procedures to Buy a House in Cyprus?

When it comes to investment in Cyprus, it is normal to have many questions in your mind. How is a residence permit obtained?
What are my expenses? How is the process progressing?
You can get a residence permit here in a very short time, as well as making an investment.
Although the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an island country, it makes investments to investors from abroad with very small taxes.
We will be following all these processes on your behalf and will be keeping you informed of all developments.
As Arslan Estate, we follow you from the moment you see the house, to the moving process after the purchase, until you settle into the house and see that you are happy.. 😊

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